The digital health world was full of gadgets this year at the annual CES (Consumer Electronics Show). The model of the moment is clearly to pair an activity tracking device with an online portal. So who stands out in the sea? Well a few managed to catch our attention:

We’ve always been a fan of Runtastic for outdoor running and biking. We were happy to see them at CES and they earn a spot in this list for their continued excellence at providing detailed workout information for our favorite outdoor activities through an easy to use portal. Tracking is done using your own existing GPS devices.

iHealth has a great selection of blood pressure gadgets, but we love them for their wireless body analysis scale. They offer a sleek scale that integrates with your wireless devices to track more than just weight.

Hard not to love any company tackling childhood obesity. Ibitz does this in a creative way –by tracking your children’s physical activity, and then once they hit their goal, you can let them watch TV or play games. A physical device that syncs with your smart device is available in fun colors, and the app comes in both an engaging children’s version, or an adult version.

At first glance we wondered if this is like every other tracking device that seems to be flooding the market, but then we noticed we might be wrong. BodyMedia lays claim to the most accurate activity counter. We are in no position to verify or refute this claim, but it was compelling enough to have them stand out.

This probably isn’t a new name to anyone reading this, and we aren’t sure if fitbit was really the first to market, but it seems so since they appear to dominate the tracker / portal market. And for good reason, it’s simply easy to track your activity, calories and sleep.



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