Health.com posted a great article this week about 9 Ways to Get a Great Workout at Home. We couldn't agree more with their points.  But why need 9 ways when you should just need 1 way? Here at MoveMeFit, we can't perfect them all, but we are doing our best to come close. Try us out and let us know other ways we can keep shortening this list for you!

  • Find a workout that fits your life
  • Stock up on DVDs
  • Schedule your workouts
  • Get the right gear
  • Create the perfect space
  • Change your diet too
  • Reward yourself for working out
  • Dress to sweat
  • Practice patience

This video is one of the all time top workout videos on YouTube. It is a killer 8 minute abs workout with over 29 million views. But the style is different from almost every other type of workout video. Why? Its obvious when you play it, but for those just getting introduced to Passion4Profession, its not a real person. You follow along an animated instructor with a computerized voice. There is something rhythmic and soothing about the voice, but it is hard to get used to. 

Try it out and tell us what you think of the style. Even if you don't like the style, you will certainly get an ab ripping workout in!
Why do we call today's workout a three for one? With this workout you get three different instructors in one workout. They rotate seamlessly throughout the video which makes for nice variety and change throughout this total body workout. Thanks FitSugar!
Looking for a new workout? Try out this yoga workout by Tara Stiles.
We love them! Got a stadium or street steps nearby? Perfect!

Though it might be hard to motivate to head to the steps, here are three reasons to love them:

  1. They provide a natural heart pumping workout. Run up, and then slow it down on the way down. This also gives you a nice break in between sets to recover!
  2. You can do a lot of variations on the stairs, you don't have to run every set. Try doing two or three at a time and adding a lunge in between. Side step up them, switching sides half way through to give your glutes and extra boost. Or try walking up them backwards.
  3. There is no better satisfaction than when you are done!

Nothing wrong with going back to the oldies! Even though thoughts on workouts and body movement has evolved over the years, some of the old workouts are still relevant and fun to revisit!
Change up your workout routine and try something new! Today we recommend Tiffany Rothe's Boxer Babe workout.